Guide to the Records of SLATE
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SLATE Periodicals
Cal Reporter
SLATE (Student Political Party)
Volume 1 (1958)-volume 4 (1963)
UC Archives 308r.S63.c;

SLATE newsletter.
University of California, Berkeley. SLATE.
[Berkeley, CA, 1961-1962]
UC Archives 308r.S63.n;

Root and Branch: A Radical Quarterly
Berkeley, 1962

SLATE : supplement to the general catalogue.
[Berkeley, CA, 1963]

Slate supplement to the General catalog, A.S.U.C. synopsis of courses [and] Booklist of all courses.
Spring '67 joint ed.
[Berkeley, ASUC Bookstore, 1967]

Archival collections in Bancroft Library
Handbills and publications issued by SLATE, together with materials concerning the organization.
Dec 1957-Apr 1965

Materials concerning elimination of discrimination in student groups and student housing at the University of California, Berkeley, 1956- 1959.
Shaffer, Ralph Edward.
(1 folder)
Photocopies of correspondence, memoranda and other documents in Shaffer's attempt to have the Executive Committee of the Associated Students of the University of California, Berkeley adopt an antidiscrimination statement that would apply to student groups and student housing seeking official University recognition.
Ralph E. Shaffer was a graduate student representative on the Associated Students Executive Committee.

Clark Kerr office files regarding the Free Speech Movement, 1964-1985 (bulk 1964-1965).
(Office files containing memoranda, notes, reports, transcripts, statements, leaflets, handouts, and miscellaneous material about the Free Speech Movement. Also includes a small amount of material on Slate and Vietnam Day Committee.)

Oral Histories in Bancroft Library
Alex C. Sherriffs, "The University of California and the Free Speech Movement: Perspectives from a Faculty Member and an Administrator" an oral history conducted in 1978 by James H. Rowland, The Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1980.

Alex C. Sherriffs. 1978.
Available from the Online Archive of California;

Edward W. Strong, "Philosopher, Professor, and Berkeley Chancellor, 1961-1965," an oral history conducted in 1988 by Harriet Nathan, The Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1992.

Edward W. Strong.
Available from the Online Archive of California;

Books and Articles
Hoffman, Donald A., ed. Rebels With a Cause. US National Student Association, 1961.

Johnson, Dale F. "On the Ideology of the Campus Revolution," Studies on the Left, Vol. 2, No.1, 1961.

Moore, Charles E., Anarchy on the Campus: the Rebels and the Law. Washington, D.C., 1965.

Newman, David. "Return of the Campus Rebel," Esquire (September 1961).

Richmond, Al. Campus rebels : a study of the revived moral concern with political and social issues among American students and their commitment to action. San Francisco: Pacific Publishing, 1960.

Truehaft, Mitford. "The Indignat Generation," The Nation (May 27. 1961).